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Gearbox oil change - how often?


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They are 'filled for life' crazy.gif.... just check levels and top up if necessary.

I changed the oil on the mk3 16v gti I had at 100k and it made a big improvement to the gear change (it was baulking alot & getting worse with age).........

........I intend to do the .:R at the same miles (box & rear diff) for peace of mind sekret.gifsmile.gif

cheers 169144-ok.gif

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My car has covered 74500 miles. The gear change is notchy and sometimes quite vague, although this is the nature of the 'box fitted to the Polo. Its just that there have recently been several stories of owner's having their gearboxes fail EEK2.GIF so I fancy changing the gearbox oil and seeing if it helps, will be cheaper than a recon 'box!!

Will contact VW and find out a price UHOH7.GIF

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