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A6 2.5 TDi stopped runnin, no fuel pumping.


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Seems like an obvious question, but the car stopped running in the outside lane. The recovery guy checked for fuel but nothing getting through.

Can I assume the fuel pump has given up the ghost?

If so, how easy is it to replace the pump? Does the tank need to come off to do this.

Anyone know where I can get a pump for less than the £169 +vat quoted by Audi.



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i have the same car and i broke down a few weeks ago,the AA guy who came out daid no fuel was getting pumped,turned to be a belt that went on the fuel pump which is next to the timing belt,when the belt went it caused a tensioner to go and my timing belt slipped a few teeth,a fortune to fix as the bumper and cross member needs to come off to get to it,i was lucky as if the timing belt had slipped more teeth i could have bent valves and with it being a v6 i was told £1500 to sort it and that was not a dealer price

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