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b6 cabriolet and saloon headlamp difference ???


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Does anyone know what the main difference is between the A4 B6 cabriolet headlamp and the 'normal' headlamp found on the saloon and avant ??? Can anyone confirm if the two sets of lamps are interchangeable at all ?? Wiring is not the issue here, just the actual fitment of the whole lamp assembly.



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I didn't notice until recently that the front end of the B6 Cab is different to that of the saloon and Avant. The Bonnet, Bumper, Grille and Lights - I think the Cab is a (slightly) better looking front end but it is not immediately noticable and I'm not sure why they did it. I think the only panel that is the same is the rear bumper - I think even the bootlid is different.

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The B7 does not have projectors unless you have Xenons - bit odd by Audi smashfreakB.gifsmashfreakB.gif

B6 models all have projector headlights (easier to retrofit Xenons via a HID kit 169144-ok.gif169144-ok.gif)


[/ QUOTE ]

Also noticed the same in the dealers a week ago.

Same for Sportbacks ( didn't have an 3 door in the showroom) but I noticed the same, only projectors were on Xenon equipped.

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