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Audi A5 and S5 - Full Official Pictures


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So who slipped up in Audi to let these photos out we don't know but lets feast on the pictures below.



However is it a feast ? When you look at the pictures of the new A5 it doesn't look anything like as good as the Nuvolari concept a classic looking Audi if ever there was one that was shown below over 2 years ago now to this News Stig at least.


The front is very similar to the current TT and the sides has a nice bit of flame surfacing and its not small and compact in its dimension from the photos. And it seems that from the photos below that Audi and BMW have been working rather closely on certain elements of the design.... I think its best I don't say anymore.


Fingers crossed this new layout will bring the handling improvements that the current A4 needs and the RS4 has shown that Audi is capable of delivering. The engine doesn't appear to be much further back in the current A4 in the chassis as Audi have been striving for but that is only one element that will influence the handling. Rumours has it that the S4 will be fitted with a 4.2 litre FSI equipped V8 pumping out 340bhp leaving room for an RS5 above most likely fitted with the engine in the current RS4.


The News Stig has scoured the Internet to give you ALL of the pictures that have so far been launched. As soon as any official information is made available on prices and spec or the all important performance figures we will endeavour to bring it to you as quickly as possible. If anyone hears anything more about spec etc. then please PM the News stig so we can post a full piece of news up for all to read. Thanks to Mark88 for posting the links up.

Discussed in the TSN forum here.



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