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VW to design and build the Audi way.


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Now for anyone who knows how Audi and VW goes about designing its cars this is a good thing. It seems that now the person at the top is an Audi man VWs old ways are going to be stopped and they are going to follow the Audi way of doing things. So what does that mean to the likes of you and me ? Well they will be able to slash the time to design a new model by up to 12 month for a start and they will be able to re-use more areas of design across multiple cars allowing a greater number and variety of models without additional significant cost.

This should help in the quest for cheaper better build lighter cars something that every manufacture wants to keep the shareholders and consumers happy. However we won't see the benefit of these changes for some years to come as new models are designed and built with the updated methods.

Discussed in the TSN forums here.


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