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Stuttering and loss of power


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I have a regularly occuring fault that I have noticed only really happens when the aircon is running.

If I give the gas a heavy foot, particularly in low revs, I experience a sudden loss of power and the car will stutter and jump erratically. It's as if the engine has suddenly cut out for a split second or two and then comes back to life. Also happens when pulling off from standstill, very often nearly stalling.

I went through a lot of grief last summer with this, and have had the throttle body cleaned since.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Hi, may i suggest checking the N75 diverter valve, mine does a wobbly for a second or two when going over the 2000rpm mark, it's fine over and under so i don't worry too much.

here's the expl:

the N75 controls the aperture angle on VNT turbos, now if you are running at x°angle then suddenly on same throtle setting you go to x-2° then you end up getting a rough stutter loads'o"go/nogo then it runs normally.

i've been told by VW that this happens when car is driven regularly at same speed for long journeys.

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Not certain here, but I don't think Silver VW has a turbo on his car. His profile shows a 1.8 SE, and he says he's had the throttle body cleaned so that removes the TDI.

[/ QUOTE ]

Well done Rustynuts, and sorry to all for leaving that out.. Yes, it is a SE, a '99 1.8, no turbo therefore. The loss of power doesnt help the fact that this engine is gutless to start with. crazy.gif

Any ideas, anyone?

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Hi I am suffering a similar problem as you,but have not assocaited it with the aircon, I had thought that my coolant temp sender was faulty and was ajusting the injector cycle for the wrongly reported temp. The fault appears worse at low revs (below 3000) and cycling the ignition whilst driving clears the fault for a random length of time. When I find the sender i plan to change it!

I could also be talking rubbish, but VAGcom when connected shows erratic collant temp and varying injector cycles, if anyone has another idea please comment.

2001 1.9tdi 110 bhp

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Same problem with 2002 TDI, happened to me when stuck in slow moving traffic for 2 hours on A303! As soon as the traffic started moving again, engine stuttered and almost stalled, at first I thought the clutch was slipping, it was quite unnerving, things got better once the revs were up and I got it in third. Any suggestions of a fix would be greatly appreciated.

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