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Traction Control Problems on B6 Quattro Tdi


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Had a bit of a disaster yesterday when the traction control/brakes decided to play funny buggers!!! fekr.gif

I dont use the car much and last time i used it a week or so ago, ECLIPSe.gif driving along using all my 366Nm's and the traction came on and lights stayed on(ecu fell asleep again??) ZZZ.gif, i stopped at lights turned car off and turned back on again and the traction lights went out- fair enough!! possibly i dirty sensor i thought. smashfreakB.gif

Yesterday morning i took the car out just to get it washed and clean thoose wheels as i went round a corner, quite quickly i add NONO3.GIF, the traction kicked in and the back brakes jammed on and slowed me right down and every time i start the car again i just get a brakes warning sign and traction flashes, so took to newcastle audi! (OH NO - NOT NEWCASTLE I HEAR YOU CRY)

I find out what they have done/found tonight at 6!!

I bought the darn car with 46100k miles on, I got 4 new discs and 8 pads fitted the car has done about 600miles in 3 months!

so its not the brakes!!

what we recon is wrong with it???

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found out they are still working on the car 630 it should be ready!! It also had a really bad squeek, which is around the belts they tell me it turns out thats a alternator pully seized- 1 week lead time on parts?? so either way its back in to garage again!

Is my APPROVED USED AUDI actually approved, i think not as so far in 650miles its had a full set of brakes, a radiator, a MAF sensor, a control arm bush, A water pump, another pully sumwhere and now a alternator pully!!

Does anyone else go through so many parts per mile as me????

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