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Loud metallic grinding noise


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Hey guys.

As you know I have a MkV .:R. Over the last 6 months or so, I have had two occurences of this happen. Usually when driving alon a road that is covered in stone chips. Whilst driving I suddenly get loud scraping, almost metal on metal sounds, in sync with the revolutions of the wheel from the corner of the car. Pulling to a stop and then moving off again slowly, it sounds as though something is grinding on a metallic part of the wheel as it rotates. It also seems to rattle, like a coin in the washing machine when you creep along. The first time it happened to the front left, but last night it happened to the rear left. My thoughts are that it could be a stone chip that has found its way behind the wheel hub and got stuck in front of the disc inner guard plate, wedging itself in between the two and making the horrible noise as it rotates. There is no brake shudder, everything is where it is supposed to be, and after driving away and sharply braking, it goes away.

Car is in to APS in a few weeks, so i'll get them to take the wheel off and look for scratches on the guard plate.

Has anyone else had this problem? confused.gif

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