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[Audi A1] New Audi A1 - Official Pictures


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Well it seems the new A1 is aimed squarely at the current 1 series that never quite seems as big as an A3 to me. The pictures here are of the 3 door model but a 5 door, 2 door coupe and a cab are all on the way. So all the same models that the 1 series is offering then.

Front wheel drive and Quattro will be available even on a car this small, what Quattro will do to the weight of such a small car will be up for debate.

A sporty S1 is also expected and will probably use the current 200bhp T FSI engine already found across the Audi and VW ranges. Power or other models will range from 65bhp to 170 bhp all powered by the same 1.4 litre engine. A new 1.6 litre diesel will also be available from launch with power ranging from 75 to 130bhp. A new low friction DSG box will also be an option on many models to enhance fuel economy.

You won't see any on the road until 2010, it doesn't look to bad in these sketches except for that rather vertical grill, not the best for efficiency and aerodynamics that smaller cars need to be these days.

Source CARMagazine

Discussed in the Tyresmoke Audi Chat forum here.




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