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replacing headlamp bulb on A6 (2003 C5) ?


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  • 3 weeks later...

After a bit of web searching, there's v little info out there. So experimentation time ...

To do the driver side:

*1 find the ventilation cover, just further back of the light unit. There are two small discs, with openings to pop them out. Do so.

*2 Take a phillips screwdriver, unscrew x2. set aside carefully with the discs.

*3 Lift the vent cover vertically up. There is a small round clip retaining it on the left hand side, but as long as you don't jerk it up, it'll come away.

*4 between where the cover was and the light unit, there is a corrugated black tube. At the left-end of the tube, take a grip and pull - it will come away. Slide out the right hand side of the tubing from the remaining section on the right.

You now have access to the light unit.

*5 You'll see two wire clips, retained by tension within grooves. Lift each wire clip out of the groove, and slide to the left and right respectively.

*6 You can now remove the rear plastic cover of the light unit. You'll need to wiggle it a bit a manoeuvre it to slide out completely.

Peer in, and you'll see two sets of wires leading to the bulb-holders.

*7 to remove the bulbs/holders, grip at the base, twist anti-clockwise, and pull gently away.

*8 you'll now have the bulb/holder staring at you. Using a flat-blade screwdriver, unclip the side retainers - this will release the bulb, and allow you to pull it out.

*9 Holding the new bulb by the base, insert it, and press down the side clips.

*10 re-insert bulb and holder, rotating clockwise to secure in place.

*11 repeat steps 6 to 1, in reverse order.

Passenger side is the same, except you don't need to remove the ventilation stuff. There is alot less room, so girlfriend/child/friendly dwarf may be useful.

Disclaimer: Turn everything off before you start. Make sure the handbrake is on, and the car out of gear. Do not begin until the engine is cold. If you're not sure what you're doing, or you find random parts / screws left over, consult a qualified mechanic. No parts are edible. Does not contain nuts. No cows have been hurt in the making of this announcement. don't go out in the sun without a hat, long sleeved shirt and sunscreen.

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