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I have been offerred a 2 cars part x for my M3 convertible..

I know about the other one but the one I dont know about is the subaru

Could some of you experts give me some advice as to what you think this would be worth private and for me to sell to a dealer (or if anyone is interested PM me)

He says its worth about 11 - 12k??

Details are

04 plate uk wrx prodrive 266bhp more than sti which is 260. official ppp model 60k with full scooby history traker and cat1. immac (thats how it was written to me so dont know if it all makes sense)?




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Often pass you on the road on my way to and from work on the White Lund.

CAP puts a standard WRX on an 04 04 as follows;

40k mls; £10,250 clean, £10,895 retail

70k mls; £7,600 clean, £9,295 retail

It makes no mention of the value that PPP would add. I vaguely recall that a dealer would charge £1600ish, so leave you to make your own mind up on a value.

A friend of mine used to run an M3 convertible. Tired of the running costs?

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