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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone! I'd like some help please. The key fob is not working for the Polo anymore (although it was fine yesterday). It won't unlock the doors remotely or start the ignition. The fob battery is fine as the fob still lights up (and so does the 2nd key I have). I can open the door manually by turning the key, so I can get inside the car. But I can't unlock all the doors and when I turn the ignition, the key turns and nothing happens. No dashboard, no engine, just nothing. I've checked the car's manual and looked online, but can't find a solution. I suspect I've simply triggered an engine immobilisation or SafeLock feature, but following steps in the car manual to deactivate these does not work. There is also no indicator light on my dashboard to tell me either of those 2 things are active (which apparently should happen even when the ignition is off). VW Polo 2013 1.2 engine 32k miles Any help appreciated. Thank you! Like this
  2. Key jammed - Audi S8 2002 model

    Hi Guys, me again. Yesterday, when I came to start the car I put the key in the ignition and it would not turn to allow it to start. I wiggled it gently so as not to risk breaking it and jiggled the auto lever to see if that would help and after about 5 minutes of locking the car and unclocking it and jiggling the key and gear lever it eventually allowed me to turn it to start. This happened once before, about 18 months ago. Been fine since, until yesterday. Any help would be appreciated just in case it is a problem that needs sorting before it becomes jammed permantly. Thanks.
  3. Newbie needing help :(

    Recently bought a 2000 19tdi passat estate and have a few problems 1- The rear driver side footwell has turned into a swimming pool so tomorrow I'll checkout the bung under the servo as i chacked the one under the battery, Also tomorrow ill check the pollen housing out and reseal. 2- The central locking doesn't work either with the key or the remote can someone please tell me how to reprogramme the key etc 3- The boot wont open and the key wont go into the lock as its seems seized Has anyone had this problem and how do i go about getting at the lock from inside the car. Cheers for taking the time to read probally what you's have read a million times.
  4. Hi all..hope i can get some of your expert advice please.. audi a4 1996 p reg model 1.8 Issues: 1*when locking the door the central locking pump seems slow (whirs quite a bit,3 secs?) and the doors are sluggish to lock 2*When i lock the car the horn beeps once quietly and the alarm will start blairing after 10 mins or so then stop then start again 10 mins repeat repeat.. so i have to leave it unlocked..(dont have a key fob,just normal key) 3*When i start the car,if i turn the ignition off then try to restart it the car won't fires up then goes off afer 2 seconds.. I have to take out the key and re insert it to make the car start again 4*when i'm idle the car nearly cuts out when stood still (rpms dip intermintently nearly stalling) bought the car a few days ago..hope you guys can help if possible..cheers :confused:
  5. Key Fobs

    Hi all, The keys I received with my '04 S4 are looking a bit crappy & overused, and on one of the keys the flip-blade isn't "flipping" properly. I was wondering whether it's possible to completely disassemble the key, such that I could buy a replacement fob, and put all of the essential parts from my key into it. Would it be as simple as putting in the circuit board and battery, and swapping the key blade, or are there any other essential parts which identify my key to the car? I have seen pictures of little cylindrical transponders, but can't see one of these in my key.
  6. Mk5 Golf Key

    Guys - not sure if this is worth much but I have the spare key from my old Mk5 Golf GTI... seems I might have forgotten to give it to the garage... if this is worth anything I will let it go to the highest bidder by monday (via PM to make it interesting!) This is as new as far as I recall, however will post pics if i get a chance and should be possible to be re-coded to another car. Presume you would need to swop out the blade though?