2002 996.2 3.6 Coupe

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8 hours ago, patently said:

Told you to get a C4S... :roflmao:

Why would I want the slower one???

First cost accounted for - tiny screw in a front tyre and it had “just” gone through. Too close to the edge to patch, although they tried. The tread pattern for the Bridgestones has been updated so changed both fronts to a Kumho PS91 tyre. Rears are hovering between 4-5mm so will put the same on the rear after the Ring in May.

A good friend has a tyre garage and several Porsches, I went for the Kumhos based upon the fact he runs them on his 996, really rates them and he charged me cost price too! The pair cost less than I expected to pay for one.

After a trip out last night in heavy rain they are definitely an improvement over the 5 year old Bridgestones. 



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