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[Audi A3/S3] Petrol guage not displaying correctly


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Ok embarassing bit out of the way first (please dont chastise me for bad practice !!!)

I've had 2 TT's and now on my 2nd S3

In all of them, I've been able to, on very rare occasions, run them until 0 miles fuel left is on the DIS

What I'm getting at is, when its been easier to do so, i've always been able to get down to 15/10 miles left and fill up

I had the S3 serviced a couple of weeks ago, and yesterday morning on the way into work with the miles left reading 10, the engine cut out after running a bit lumpy

AA came out and checked fuses and such before putting some fuel in and all was well

So my question is, can i 'reset' this fuel guage myself? or is it a trip back to Audi? (difficult for a few weeks)



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When you say, reset fuel gauge, how do you mean? Like u want it to get to zero before the fuel runs out and not ten miles?

AFAIK, the fuel range left depends on driving style and conditons, you could have the range saying 50miles, put your foot down for a mile and thats it...just do what I do, fill it up when it gets to slightly less than half...less hassle tongue.gif

By the way, I believe the range of miles left is a guide only and running it quite low is not advisable I've been told.

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I would say if your car ran out with it saying 10 miles left there aint much wrong with it and I'd be surprised if your dealer would say any different either. My Leon's got basically the same fuel computer on it and mine conks out between 10 and 20 miles left.

Tried it once just to see so I know for the future ( I had a can with me though) wink.giffekr.gif.

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Funny this should come up today because I ran my car very low last night whilst trying to make it to a Shell garage.

After the DIS reported 0 miles range, I drove for probably another 4/5 miles and when I got to the pump could only get 59 litres in what is supposed to be a 62 litre tank confused.gif

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