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[Audi A3/S3] New Quickshift Taipan Carbon fibre CAI


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Today Gammba and I installed the Quickshift Taipan Carbon Airbox in my car (thank you very mucho Gammba, couldnt have done it w/o you.. notworthy.gif).

Pics of install

Website of manufacturer

I decided that this was the filter I wanted because its not oiled (inside totally made of stainless steel mesh) so wouldnt hurt the MAF. Also because its in a Carbon box (heat shield) it stays cool and takes the airfeed from the OEM hole in the side of the wheelarch panel next to the battery.

I also took out my foglights and thus increasing the airflow on both my intercoolers and on top of that a good cold air feed to the filterbox.

my supplier (thanks Rich!)

All in all I think a worthwhile conversion, fairly simple to fit (with the help of a friend and his tools).

The engine makes slightly more noise now but only when driving and not when standing still, a quite subtle increase and it sounds "fuller" (if thats the correct word).

happy chappy now jump.gifbeerchug.gif

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Looks cool mate! beerchug.gif

Any noticable increase in performance? You say "subtle increase", but what I mean is do you feel she's more 'alert' in a way?

[/ QUOTE ]

well havent been able to test it yet, but it feels more responsive.

It makes sense because the air is flowing in much better (also because I took out the foglights).

Thinking about getting an airscoop fitted though.....

scoop supplier

Go to Tuning and then Inlaatsystemen for a piccie.


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Scoop will definitely be interesting me thinks! cool.gif

Pity they only show the airbox thingy, not the scoop...

I looked at a few airfilters myself, but looking at the S8 airsystem I think that's pretty sophisticated already, with scoop and all, so there may be not much to gain in this case... smashfreakB.gif

Interesting site BTW. beerchug.gif

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