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sidelight/foglight upgrades


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Is there a cure to having white sidelights and foglights which match or are very close to the light given off by Xenon headlamps? I have the Xenon headlights which give off a really nice white/blue light but the sidelights and foglights look terrible in comparison, I've tried the philips vision sidelight bulbs which are brighter but still not really close, anybody know how to improve the look of them?

Cheers, Sticky.

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I've fitted quad LED side lamp bulbs on my A6, and they're now more blue/white than white. Looks most excellent!

Quad LED High Bright 12v Bulbs

- colour: white 731

from www.ur-motoring.co.uk


The stop/tail lamps they sell dont work though, as the wiring in the A6 doesn't suit the polarity of the LED's within the bulb unit. Shame! I'll use them on the Fiesta instead.

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How's that Graham? Polarity is the same throughout no? confused.gif

And are the 11-leds they sell for 'fogs' brighter/whiter than the H3 "Ice Blue Halogen Headlamps" you think? linky



Eleven LED Ultra Bright 12v Bulb

LED ultra bright long life direct replacement for 382 type 12v bulb for - Side, Indicators, Stop and Fog Lights. For negative earth cars only, not street legal. Available in amber, white or red.

Price: £9.99



Ice Blue Halogen Headlamps

Ice blue replacement headlamps sold in pars or as single items, in 6 popular fittings.

Price from: £7.99

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