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Wheels, spacers and big brakes


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Right after MUCH (and we're talking serious loose all your friends over keep going on about it over and over and over...) deliberation, the time has FINALLY come to *drumroll* get the ECS Stage 5 brakes.

After a bit of phoning around, it seems that Awesome-gti up in manchester seem to be the most competitive pricewise, at £1586 (forgot to enquire about the stage 1 rear), although there's not a lot in it comparing to:

JBR Performance (£1639) (Oxford)

TT Shop (£1600) (Bedford)

ECS-performance Direct ($2250+delivery+import tax+VAT?)

Bit of a journey to Manchester from Southampton, but they'll fit it for me for a not too unreasonable fee. I'm more than half tempted to fit them myself, but have heard horror stories of getting air into the ABS pump when bleeding the system, plus ECS say themselves that you may need to grind a little off the rear calipers to get the rotors to fit? I'll leave it to the professionals to worry about I think.

Anyway I digress. My primary question concerns fitting the alloys afterwards. Am I correct in believing that I will need 10mm spacers to avoid a nasty alloy to caliper collision with the standard mk4 Aristos?

Next question is, I'm probably going to get a set of 19" BBS CH rims, possibly at the same time (either the CHs or Rays/Volks Progessiv ME). Does anyway know if the BBS rims will fit around the calipers without the need for spacers? Awesome thought they "probably would", but I'd like a little confidence than "probably" before setting off on a 300 mile round trip.

Dan32, did I read a recent post of yours correctly in that the BBS CH rims aren't compatible with hubcentric spacers?

Finally, as far as anyone knows, without spacers, has anyone had any rubbing issues with the 19" BBS CH (8.5" width)? They appear to have a 30mm offset, which seems quite low for a 8.5" rim in my eye.

As always, ta in advance for any responses lads smile.gif

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Yes, you'll need 10mm spacers and you need to grind a very small amount off the trailing arm - there is no structural impact.

Re your wheels, whether you use stock or get replacements, get them with the standard offset (38) and use 10mm spacers. You could get away with 8mm spacers, but the Cayenne calipers sit bloody close to the stock wheels with 10mm spacers on.

If you run 8.5 x 19" BBS CHs with a 30mm offset, they'll likely rub against the inner arch on turning. You really need 38mm offset.

Buy them from Awesome (or whoever) and get them shipped to you and get Gary at www.williams-automotive.com in Ferndown (about 20 miles from you) to fit them for you.

He did all the work on my R32, including fitting the ECS brake upgrades and he's very, very thorough.

He'll smile if another R32 turns up - he spent ages on my car.

Tell him Mook from Tyresmoke said you should use them 169144-ok.gif



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Dan32, did I read a recent post of yours correctly in that the BBS CH rims aren't compatible with hubcentric spacers?

[/ QUOTE ]

The problem I had was with the H&R hubcentric spacers on the rear (10mm spacers) as the mounting flange was too big an angle to allow the wheel to sit perfectly flat on the hub. If you're only putting 5mm ones on you should be fine and a quick call to APS will give you the manufacturer of my new hubcentric spacers as I've forgotten.

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You boys make tyresmoke a wonderful resource, thankyou very much for your replies.

Mook, I'll take your advice, get the brakes and give Gary a call.

Could I quibble with your comment on the inside liners rubbing though please? As I understand it, a smaller offset moves the wheel further into the arch?

eg. from http://www.1010tires.com/WheelOffsetCalculator.asp

going from 7.5" rim with 38mm offset, I see that:

8.5" rim with 30mm offset is: 5mm less inner clearance, 21mm more extend outwards,


8.5" rim with 38mm offset gives 13mm less clearance on the inner arch, and 13mm extension out of the arch?

Am I miss understanding something here? I had been worried about rubbing on the outer arch, not the inner arch.

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I've forewarned Gary that he might hear from you. If you call, you'll probably get hold of Mel - she's more chatty than a talkative person from Talking Town...

Yup, you can disagree 169144-ok.gif

Didn't read the bit about going from stock rims to 8.5". Don't forget that you'll need wider tyres, but keep the same overall rolling circumference.

Use http://www.miata.net/garage/tirecalc.html to get the right ones 169144-ok.gif

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ive got the 334mm standard size 2 piece floating ECS discs and upgraded rears, can honestly say the amount you have to grind of the rear is tiny and nothing to worry about.

Out of interest does anyone know if i were to get hold of the Porsche 6 pot callipers could i fit them to my 334mm discs or do i have to get the bigger discs??


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