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High End Graphics Card


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I currently have one of these to get rid of.


I do a lot of high end 3D graphics in my line of work and got this a few months back for over £400 from Dell

I had planned to plug it into my PC at home but never got round to it for some reason. At the time I finally decided to, my PC packed up, I bought another Laptop and decided no more PC's for me so has since stayed unused

As I normally do on here, best offer wins regardless of what that might be, however, it must be reasonable 169144-ok.gif

If nothing comes of it here, it goes on Ebay

Spec is as follows

Product: Nvidia Quadro FX3450 Graphic Adapter

Device Type: Graphic Card

Interface Type PCI-E 16X

Core Clock Speed 400MHz

Pixel Pipeline 8

SLi supported


API Supported Direct 9.0c, OpenGL 2.0, Direct 8.0

Video Memory Intalled 256MB

Video Output 3840x2400 /85Hz - 32 Bit Color

Output Ports 2 x DVI, 1x OpenGL Quad Buffered Stereo

Compliant Standard ACPI 1.0b, VESA DMT, VESA GTF, DDC-2B+

Features: -Dual-Link TMDS transmitter,

-Proven Professional Graphics Architecture,

-dvanced Vertex and Pixel Programmability,

-Full 128-bit Precision Graphics Pipeline,

-12-bit Subpixel Precision,

-High Precision Dynamic Range Imaging (HPDR) technology,

-Unified Driver Architecture

(Spec plagiarised from somewhere on the net) grin.gif


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