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Hi All,

I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to cars and engines so I apologise in advance if I'm asking the obvious!

I bought a new A4 2.0T FSI S-line Special Edition 5 months ago and it has clocked up just under 5500 miles.

The 'Minimum Oil level' warning has started flashing up on my DIS.

On speaking to the dealer (the salesman) I bought it from, he suggested I take it in to get it checked out.

This morning, the woman who checked my car in said that it was normal and that I should expect to top-up half a litre of oil for every 1000 miles.

Is that right or is she having me on?

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I have got the same car as you Amit. Mine is May 07 and I have just topped the oil up again yesterday.

3rd time I have done it in 11,000 miles. I can tend to tell when its getting low as the gear change when cold is a bit less slick.

Dont worry about it. Just keep checking it and topping up with the ludicrously expensive oil and it should suddenly stop about 10K. As stated previously - it seems to be what Audis do.


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