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Screwy Icons


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All my desktop icons have suddenly changed! Instead of being the proper ones they now all have the default 'no icon' icon (looks like an old style window with 3 tiny icons in it) and the proper one peeking out from behind that. The only one that is okay is the recycle bin which is the only system icon I have on the desktop. Everything works fine it just looks awful

What seemed to do this was that I was running a spyware scan which rebooted the PC to remove a few things it found. Rebooted and the icons were like this.

Anyone know how to repair them? I've refreshed them (right click on background) and I've also tried to change them individually by right clicking then properties but neither worked. When I hit refresh the real icons appear for a split second then these default icons are overlaid.


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Any more thoughts on this? So far I have :

- Deleted iconcache.db a few times

- Done 2 system restores, 1 from 3-4 days before this happened

- Deleted icons and recreated

- Uninstalled and reinstalled software

- Downloaded Stardock IconPackager and used the repair functions

None of this works and yet of I move the icon to the quick start area all is fine.

My last resort is a reinstall of Windows which I definitely don't want to do as my last backup was 3-4 weeks ago iamwithstupid.gif

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