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March offer of madness!


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I was standing in the post office queue this morning, and thought 'why don't I have an offer'

As you might have noticed, I am now stocking Surf City Garage products. Now, as many of you know, there are tonnes of the same types of products on the market, all at around the same price, but, SCG is far far better than anything I have ever used. I mean it! Beneath the zainy American packaging, and the dodgy website, these guys have come up with some absolutely stunning products, so stunning, that I am now using every one of them on every detail I do. But.... I know people are unsure of new stuff, so I am proposing this!

Every order with an SCG product in it, for the next week, will receive the following:

FREE Postage to any UK address

FREE Microfibre

FREE 500ml bottle of Wonder Shampoo

That's over £7 worth of products, ABSOLUTELY FREE with ANY order containing at least one SCG product.

Here's what there is on offer:

Hot Rod Spray Detailer (A bigger bottle than most quick detailers (this one, like all the SCG bottles I'm stocking, is 24oz, not 16oz.) Hot Rod Detailer not only leaves a lovely glossy finish, but it has UB filters to protect your paintwork.

Wet Vac Drying Towels (If you're like me and have used Sonus Drying Towels, or Miracle Drying Towels, you will be extremely impressed with these. They are made of the finest microfirbre available to man and they have a unique design, namely a sponge inside the towel, which draws up more water than any other towel I've ever used.)

Road Trip Grime Destroyer ("I use this now instead of P21s wash as it's much cheaper, but just as good. It's an awesome bug a tree sap remover, and can be used on the lower panels of the cars. I've even used it on wheel and arches to good effect.")

Clearly Better Glass Cleaner (This product lasts for ages! It's a superb glass cleaner and I now use it on all my details.)

Beyond Black Tire Pro (OK, so they can't spell Tyre correctly - I'll give you that! But... this tyre shine gives a lovely matt finish and those who've sampled it have reported it to last and last.)

Shine on High Def Nano Seal and Glaze Kit (If you've used a combination of a Glaze and a Sealant like Jetseal 109 you'll be familiar with the concept that the two things together add more shine, and more durability. The High Def Kit is excellent value. Jetseal 109 is over £20 alone! The results are an extremely deep, wet look, and durability is immense!)

All SCG bottles are 24oz, not 16oz! Don't be fooled by any competitor selling similar products as they are more often than not in 16oz bottles, but almost the same price!


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Such madness!

I bought a few of these products from Wonder Detail and i had a few before that based on the advise of my American detailing friends. I cant recommend the QD enough, its probably the best QD that leaves something behind that you can purchase. It adds gloss and shine to provide a "revived" look to all LSP's (waxs OR sealant).

The glass cleaner is really highly rated, i was sitting there after using it the other day thinking how do you show/review a glass cleaner and its pretty impossible!

I always felt that one of the best glass cleaners was something like NXT from Megs, but it was pretty expensive and i never bought another bottle after the first for that very reason. I always went to back to AG, however the SCG Window cleaner is a much better product, not to mention you get a 24oz and its only a quid more.

There is no smearing or hazing with the SCG Clearly Better, no strong cleaner smell either. The product remains on window long enough for you effectivly clean the glass. The shine and clarity is pretty much matched. Clean windows really make a detail and this is just about the best you can buy. As Paul mentiones a little goes long way so and the trigger can fire ALOT of product so i advise caution on your first attempt!

Grime Destroyer has and intreasting smell and thick consistancy. I have used it to remove tar and clean up mud flaps so far. It clings to the paintwork, great b/c it wont run off! When your removing tar if the surface is clean you can aggitate with clean MF, its gel like consistancy means it offers some lube and protection as you remove the tar, unlike with much thiner, solvent or spray on liquid tar removers.

The tyre product is a blue colour, it goes on a bit blue too but that soon dries to leave a matt "stained black" look on tyres.

Shine On is truely unique, with so many similar products on the market this gives a shimmering, bright, reflective finish. It easily lasted 3 months for me from the start of October until mid Jan until i topped it for the shampoo review.

With the Shine On, you can have nice looks and good durability as oppossed to that rather "waxed" but not very special finish you get from other durable branded products.

The QD and glass cleaner certantly have international recognition and as being some of the best you can get. These products are produced by people who acutally run a Muscle Car museum in the USA, not by people churning out chemical after chemical with a good marketing scheme.

Hehe, not that im saying that those kinda brands have saturated the market with medicore product recently.


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Got any citrus foam in the 5 l bottles ?

[/ QUOTE ]

Andrew - I haven't forgotten about you - fear not! I'm in the process of making up an order to go through today/tomorrow which will have the 5l Citrus, and normal Snow Foam in it. I'll let you know as soon as it's in.

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I can't say for sure. My supplier is sometimes really quick in sending stuff out, sometimes really slow. I've just put an order in now though, so I'll check to see when it's going to be sent out.

The SCG glass cleaner is a spray on, as oppose to the AG stuff which is more a cream. Finish wise, I struggled to see the difference, 'cept the SCG doesn't leave a chalky residue.

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i currently use klasse all in one and the acrylic sealant. what would be comparable in you range? i like the klasse as it i don't clean the cars all that often (due to being generally busy or bad weather etc etc) and i do a lot of miles, cars get dirty almost immediately etc..

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