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Megs G220


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Reading all the threads on this polisher has really got me thinking about investing however i have a few questions

I normally do what i call a full detail 2 - 3 times a year - full detail consists of clean, clay, SRP, EGP and Pinnacle XMT 180 wax. In between i wash and use detailing spray plus add extra layers of XMT 180 if i feel it is needed

1) Can the G220 be used other than just to remove swirls etc? ie can i use it to apply the XMT 180 and to buff up ?

2) Can the G220 be used with my current products (SRP, EGP and XMT 180)

Im almost out of SRP and EGP so if i needed to use different products what would be best for my paint (Audi Noggy Blue) please bare in mind that i love the XMT 180 so would like to continue using this, unless there is something better i could use.

Finally what else would i need to buy with the G220 (backing plate, pads etc) and what products would i need to remove swirls on Noggy blue Audi paint - would these products just be used to remove swirls or could they be used when cleaing the car (like SRP, EGP)

Is there a guide available to show you how to correctly use the G220 to remove swirls etc>

Sorry for sounding like a complete newbie - been thinking of having the car done professionaly but find cleaning very theroputic (sp?) so being very tempted to have a go myself - just need to know if spending £150 the item is going to get used often otherwise my just as well pay to have someone else do it smile.gif

Hope i have made sense.

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There's two ways to look at this.

1) you get a pro to do it. They make it look mint, and you still get to do your stuff by topping up wax, cleaning etc. The down side to this is the payment only extends til you sell the car, then you have to start over again.

2) You get a G220, do it yourself, use it for applying glazes etc, but you may or may not get as good a finish as a pro, and it's only cost effective if you are going to use it on more than one car.

Personally, I'd get a pro to do the car, watch what they are doing, then buy a G220 to do it yourself in the future wink.gif

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