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Central locking pump - where to get one ??


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Hi A8 / S8 lovers

I'm 99% sure my pump has gone (ohh-eer, no inuendo's please !). Having spent an hour stuck in the boot I have got the part number. I am told I have to "match" the part because they are specific to the "options" on the car. The part number is 8LO-862-257-P.

The problem is that "new" they are circa £250 plus the dreaded-VAT !

Can anyone help "source" a second-hand one (for a lot less ££££££) ?

Hope you can help me



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Sorry for not logging-on for quite a while; thanks to everyone for advice. To cut a very,very, very long story short......I tried the second-hnd CLP route.....and could not get it to work....maybe faulty part ???

Ended up going to Bath Audi (main dealer) and had to look big and pay up..........and buy a brand new CLP...ouch.. cost me £400 169144-ok.gif++

If I had longer arms and I could reach all the doors from driver's seat I would have not bothered and gone back in time and (yep you've guessed) had to use a key every time.....can you imaging going back there ?????

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