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thoughts please


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hi i need help please!

i have managed to find a 996tt!

a silver 2002 turbo..with asero kit and black leather and alum pack

has 52k

went to see the car and was in good condition..tried to look for the c16 uk car at front of service book but nothing there??

does that mean its not a uk car?

it has had a service every 10k or so but there are no receipts with it..although i can check with the dealers..it was a royal bank of scotland car i believe..

he is going to replace front discs and pads as there was a wobble under heavy braking and the recnt report showed they were corroded..

so the deal is he gets the brake discs/pads replaced and gets me a full ppi from porsche leicester..as long as that is clear so i can put a warranty on it then ill give him £38k

ill have to pay £900 for the warranty..so total £39k with 12months warranty assuming ppi clear

a good deal??

all thougths welcome

btw it has 4 owners--should that worry me come resale time and the mileage??

or should i wait..


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Don't worry about the number of owners, this is quite common for premium cars. What matters is the condition and the history.

If C16 is present then it IS a UK car. If C16 is not there then that doesn't necessarily prove it isn't. If the history is complete then that should show the original status, surely? I assume it has the service book, which will include the stamp from the PPI in 2002?

You could ask the Porsche Club - the Turbo register secretary may have a record of the car.

No idea about prices, though. I try not to think about it!

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I'm sure your local OPC will tell you whether it's C16 - just give them the VIN.

You have to purchase the warranty within 24 hours of the inspection so I was told, so be wary of that.

Owners fine, don't get too hung up. History far more important, and price ok I guess. I sold mine in December with 25k miles for £42k with warranty etc. Needed a service so call it £43k - 2002 also, but loaded with options and 5 owners.

Should have lots of choice with your budget if you're ok with 50k miles and silver.



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