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Peterborough Audi


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Went into Peterborough Audi in Werrington (part of P'Bro), to order a part for my A6. So I wondered into the showroom for a peek. I had my youngest with me, and we wandered in and had a look at a few.

Loads of sales bods appeared and asked if I wanted help, but I said no - and they were fine.

However, the new A4 is massive! The boot is huge too - and that is the saloon!

I then had a look in the A8 boot and obviously, a family of four could fit in there!

The new A4 interior looks very A6 like. Good marks for that. They had a Q7, which I did not bother looking at, and an A6 Le Mans??? based on the 3.0 TDi Quattro. Very nice!

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