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New S4 - 333PS, 3.0 V6 S/C


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Oooh! Smaller capacity 3.0 V6 with twin Eaton Compressors eh?

Slightly lover emmissions I suppose???

Is that also going to be 2K Euros cheaper than the current S4?

Should sound good and go like stink with more torque than the current V8!!

7 spd DSG on a high power/torque Quattro? Many advances and new bits!

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This bit is very interesting:

"De nieuwe S4 zal als directe concurrent van de 335i in de markt gezet worden, zowel in prijs als vermogen Meer informatie zal in november dit jaar komen van Audi."

The new S4 will be pitched directly against the 335i, with more pricing information coming from Audi in November this year.

BMW seems to have hit the nail directly on the head with the 335i, lower emissions etc.

TBH, the 335i seems very tempting at the minute, esp in Touring guise, as they go like stink without any mods at all and you have to modify the B6 and B7 S4 to get enough grunt out of them.

So I wonder what the B8 RS4 will run..? I'd still wager on another V8 FSI, but you never know...

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