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pressure wash and kit.


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Ok, since the purchase of the new car i fancy treating myself to some new cleaning kit.

What i'd like is a reasonable/cheapish power washer with a 10-15m length of hose so i can mount it in the garage permanently and just run the hose around the car.

There are that many on the market i really dont know where to start. It will only be used for the car and nothing else.

I also fancy one of these gilmour type things, they seem to be pretty good. So it would have to fit the power washer too.

If anyone can recommend models/where from or even a package, that would be great. 169144-ok.gif

Or the second option, just get a foammaster2 for the hose and save on the power washer. What do you think?

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If they still have any in stock I picked up a Lavor from Lidl last week, with loads of tools and good spec for £110. Well worth that sort of money and has a 10mtr hose, 530ltr/hr flowrate, 135bar pressure.

Far better than the Karcher I had with similar specs. 169144-ok.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

I picked up one of these too, it really is a fantastic bit of kit for £110!! laugh.gif



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I've got a Lavor tiger with the steam cleaner on it and for me it's a much better piece of kit than the equivalent Karcher, the hose is about 10 metres so you don't need to drag the machine around the car whilst cleaning.

cleaning wise it's excellent and even manages to get rid of two weeks worth of dirt that is waiting for me courtesy of the wife when I get home from offshore !!

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