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Clean carpets thanks to VAX!


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Hey guys,

My new VAX arrived yesterday and i couldn't help but test it last night on my two front carpets of my A8....i was sooo impressed.


1st impressions are that it is very good at removing the dirt and the carpet shampoo called 'AAA' worked well.

The downside i thought was the massive head at the end of the vax but i think i'll buy this adapter to do the rest of the car... laugh.gif

None the less pleased with the results! Any further advice welcome though! :thumb:

The carpets before cleaning:


Having finished 1 carpet:


Half of the 2nd carpet:


The dirt from the vax from only 1 of the two carpets:


The two clean carpets side by side:


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Can this also be used as an ordinary hoover for the house. My wife was talking recently about the Dyson being knackered and this might do a good job of being a replacement that would also be useful for cleaning the car and mats in it etc. I assume you can hoover just dry as well as using the wet cleaning function?

Not an expert on domestic cleaning devices as you can tell smile.gif

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If you use it for hoovering the lounge say with the water cleaning, how damp does it leave the carpet. You know when you get someone in to clean carpets you have to leave everything to dry out for a while, is it the same with this item? And can it just be used as a standard dry hoover too?

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