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A Need The Space Sale - Everything has to go!


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We're moving into the new place soon, and I have over 1000KG's of detailing gear in the back room. I really don't want to move it all so I'm clearing the shop. Everything has to go. Once I'm moved, I'll replenish everything, but these prices will never be repeated.

To name but a few things available in the shop:

Meguiars Hyperwash

Wonder Snow Foam (the exact same stuff you're used to (unless you buy from Autobrite, in which case it's ever so slightly different)

Wonder Citrus Snow Foam

Treble S APC

Dodo Juice Wax

Surf City Garage:

Road Trip Grime Destoryer (degreaser)

Clearly Better Glass Cleaner

Tire Pro Tyre shine

Hot Rod Quick Detailer

Shine on High Def Seal and Glaze kits

Wet Vac Drying Towels

Microfibre Sponges

Wonder Shampoo

1 Litre and 500ML Spray Bottles with free chemically resistant heads

It's all got to go, and it's all going cheap!

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I was just having a look at what you'd got and saw this on the front page!


Due to a relocation, ALL Wonder Detail Shop stock must go. We have over 1000KG's of products and we absolutely have to sell them before the move. EVERYTHING in the shop is not reduced, and these prices will never be repeated. Once we move, the stock will be replnished but until then, everything must go!!

[/ QUOTE ]

I'm sure that it's a typo, but it did make me laugh!! jump.gif169144-ok.gif

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What a clown. It is of course, supposed to say, NOW.

Major - I don't have any wheel brightener in stock I'm afraid. If you do want some, I can add it onto the order when the speed glaze comes in (Megs don't process an order until they have stock - the backorder is a reservation type system.)

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I don't know - in all honesty! All the traders you know and love use the same supplier as me, with the exception of Autobrite. I have no idea where he gets his from. I did buy some and didn't get on with it. Bought some of what is now called wonder snow foam, and I was uber impressed. So much so that I put my name to it. There are some die hards who swear by the AB stuff though - some of them pro's. I guess you just got to make your own mind up.

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