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engine management problems


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hello everyone,

i am having problems with my 2007 a4 2.0tfsi spec ed.

this is a re-occurring problem. the emc and abs lights come on and there is a noticeable drop in power. as i said it has been in a couple of times for this.

1st time they said it was a s/w upgrade.

2nd time they replaced the trottle body.

is this a commom fault or am i just unlucky???

cheers for the input.

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i have now received the call form the garage and they cannot find the fault just now. so they want to keep the car for......

a week!!!!

is this acceptable??

what they said was that they can take the read outs from the car and send them direct to audi engineering and see if they can diagnose the fault form there.

they have offered me an A3 to replace the A4 avant. should i press for a bigger car?

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hello again.

i heard back from the garage today re the engine management problems on my A4 avant 2.0t fsi.

the prognosis (apparantly from audi technical) is that they need to change the connections from the ECU to the throttle body from what i presume are the "normal type" to gold plated ones. Now i can only hazard a guess that these connections are compresion crimps.

So the question is if they are only changing the connections is this really going to have the desired effect???

Also if this is not a common probelm and there is some sort of resistance or impeadance or maybe even an interference problem (i don't know what kind of signal the ECU sends/ receives to the throttle body) would it not be better to change the loom?

any input from the technically minded would be greatly appreciated.


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they need to change the connections from the ECU to the throttle body from what i presume are the "normal type" to gold plated ones.

Makes sense to me.

Car manufacturers try to use the cheapest contact they can - which usually means a silver plated one because that can handle heavy currents as well as low level signals. BUT they can and do corrode when only handling low level signals - the correct thing is to use silver plated for high current connections and gold plated ones for signal connections.

I had a similar problem to you on a Vauxhall Corsa GSi a few years ago - they used one connector to carry the power signals to the injectors and the low level signal from the throttle position sensor. Result? The engine would fail to return to tickover because the engine ECU couldn't read the TPS correctly. I did a quick cure by just unplugging the connector and re-mating it, but the only long term cure is to use gold plated connectors where needed.

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as the title says i got the car back form the garage yesterday. 13 days after it going in for the 3rd time.

i spoke to the tech and he explained what he did.

audi tech told him form looking at the vag files that he should change the throttle body. as this had already been done they told him to do some wiring checks on the loom form the throttle body to the ECU. he did this and reported no problems. audi tech then told him to re-wire the loom. (this is what they were waiting on the gold crimps for).

Now to me if all of the above had happened and the only other thing in the system was the ecu i would have changed that.

so i wait with bated breath for the lights to come back on and for the car to be back to the garage for a new ECU!!!!!

also there was a grinding from the front left on full lock. the tech said he cleaned up and re-greased two bushes on the lower two steering arms.

he said if it happens again don't bother brining the car in just to ring in and he'll order 2 new arms for it.

if it needs to go in again i am going to be mightily pissed off.


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