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Audi A6/A8 MMI (TMC/Firmware Issues)

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I have an 2006 A6 with the MMI high. I had a noise coming form the dash that they are repairing now.

While this was being done they gave me a nice A6 2007 Avant.

The TMC on this worked very well, however mine had always had the cross through the logo.

I also had the bug that locks your sound in mute (bose only I think) After downloading an Audi tech sheet it explained unplugging the bose amp and back in again would solve it short term. However it would need a firmware update.

When my car went in I asked them to update the firmware and explained the problem I had. I also assumed this may resolve the TMC issue also.

I have just had a call from the garage (UK) telling me they were looking into it however some of these cars didn't have this feature available (or some crap like that) The Audi press release says it should be in all cars 2005+ (mmi high)

I am beginning to think the problem is.. new firmware = new DVD required. So they don't want to do this as it costs money. Can anyone confirm this ? Sounds like a bloody con to me.

If I was just asking for a free MAP upgrade I could understand. However it seems I need the new DVD to make a default car feature work.

Love to hear any feedback from people. I am sure there is a Audi guy out there that know what the skinny is.



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Well I purchased this as an ex demo car in March 2007. So I would expect the Audi dealership to have it up to date. Sounds like it's not.

I guess I am going to have to fight this. However it's good to have all the information as I can watch their staff back themselves into a corner with their lies about why it doesn't work.

Pisses me off that they just lie about these things.


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Well I purchased this as an ex demo car in March 2007. So I would expect the Audi dealership to have it up to date. Sounds like it's not.

[/ QUOTE ]

I had the same issue with a previous A6 and I took the issue up with Audi Customer Services. They agreed and the supplying garage was asked to get TMC working on my car.

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Dear Melchoir and DavebondA6

I am in exactly the same position as you were.

Picked up my '57' plate A6 with MMI today from local Audi dealership. The car is an ex-Audi UK car but the dealer is choking at replacing the 2007 DVD with a later version.

Any advice from your own experiences?


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Unless it's non functional, I think you would be hard pushed to get a dealer or Audi to do anything.

Check the DVD version, the 2007 AL and AS disks has faulty TMC tables and showed strange locations of traffic jams. SO if that is the case and you can demonstrate it, then use that as a warranty issue.

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Hope anyone can shed some light on my MMI problem?

My MMI display screen distorts intermittently, sometimes as per attached image, other times the image rolls across the display...

Audi in SA has run "diagnostics" on the vehicle on three different occasions:

First, they tested it and reported that the MMI control unit reported errors so it was replaced.

The problem still persisted and they ran another set of diagnostics. Then they claimed the cell-phone car-kit's arial caused interferencen with the display so they disconnected and removed the car-kit. Still the problem persisted

Thirdly, the dianostics revealed the screen itself was faulty and had to be replaced.

Now, as the vehicle is under mainetance plan, the insurer is questioningthe costs of replacement and I can see where this going... The vehicle is now scheduled for a fourth "diagnostics" opinion with the problem still not being resolved...

Can this be a firmware issue or is it hardware? Anyone experienced this problem?

And no, there is NO cell-phone or GPS close to either the MMI control unit or the display while the interference/distortion is experienced...


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I was interested to read the multitude of problems encountered with the MMI

Our A6 Avant Le Mans 2.7 Tdi is just over a year old now. Last year it spent weeks away at the Audi centre

Our problem manifested itself by a message that the media device (iPod) was not connected. It then elevated itself to stating that the radio wasn't installed! The problem was that if you turned off the engine and restarted it, nine times out of ten it worked OK.

I noticed that the problem was most likely to occur when the ambient temperature was high (pointing to a dicky joint in a cable or circuit)

I evntually managed to drive it to the Audi garage with the fault showing up and the saga began. They never really took on board my point about the temperature. After several "repairs", they decided to replace the radio aerial in the rear quarter light (what that had to do with the iPod, only the great and the good at Audi know).

It worked fine over the winter (it was cold). But the fault has come back when the temperature reached 18 degC.

I have notified the Audi garage. It will be looked at under warranty and they will give me a loan car. But I want to drive my own A6, which we spec'ed up to suit our requirements. And I'd like it all to work, not just bits of it.

Apologies for the rant. Any ideas anyone?

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