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Hello all....

I had Bose speakers added to my Cab as an extra.....

Not sure if its just me .....but, Im not that inpressed with them mad.gif

I drove my friends Audi A4 (just the standard 4 door with standard speacker set up)


anyone else fell the same??




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I agree, but in fact I like it. When I specified the cab I only could listen to the bose system in an A4 Avant. IMHO it was a very 'boomy' sound, and I already informed if it was possible to change the woofers.

The sound in the cab was a pleasant surprice to me; not that boomy and more in line with what I was used to (Harman/Kardon in my bmw);

but afterall, there is no discussion about taste beerchug.gif

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Interesting one this as the day I cpiked up my A4Cab I dropped the hood put in my favourite CD and drove off. I thought the sound quality was crap. I then realised that with the roof off all the BASS just goes out the roof, also with the roof up the fabric does not provide much capture for the BOSE. I thought it was good but only if it was up loud I always felt that the amplifiers did not wake up unless it was over volume setting 12 confused.gif

HCUK, I have to confess the Seat Leon Cupra R setup is excellent another thing that amazes me about this amazing £17K car.


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I'm currently having a debate with my dealer over the std symphony II (non Bose, regretting it now frown.gif)

When choosing my car, I listened to a std Concert in a A4 Avant and a Bose in A4 Cab. Didn't think there was enough difference to warrant the Bose upgrade and was assured the system in the Avant would be the same as the Cab.

What a bunch of liars fekr.gif

Contrary to some popular belief, the systems are NOT the same. In the cab, you don't get the subwoofer. In the Bentley manual that shows speaker diags etc, the odd speaker is the cente one on the dash and it's not a subwoofer. The other 8 are pretty obvious.

A4 saloons and Avants, and the new A3 for that matter, have an amplified subwoofer in the boot on the right hand side.

On the old symphony, there was a hidden setting that allowed you to tailor output depending on speaker setup. On Symphony II, this doesn't exist, so the output is balanced to a system that includes a sub woofer. That's why non Bose cabs are lacking in bass.

So the options are put up with it (as no one in the audio forum can find this hidden setting on the symphony II) or go out and have a 3rd party sub woofer installed, neither or which is satisfactory.

Has anyone else noticed this ?

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i recently bought a 2000V S4 which had a Bose upgrade aleready fitted. Can anyone tell me where on earth all the speakers are and how many there are supposed to be? I didn't even know there was a subwoofer or extra amps!

For what it's worth, the Bose system is one of the best car "hifis" I've heard. It may not have masses of bass and play loud enough to blow the windscreen out, but it is accurate and detailed and reproduces music fairly well. It's also not tiring to listen to as many car audio systems can be. Due to the acoustics of cars generally, you'll never get anywhere near real hifi sound in a car.

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Bose is designed to present the sound in a certain way, it is not desinged to play music really loud with loads of Bass, a la Max Power.

It just ensures that the sounds are more 'spartial' (so you can identify intruments better), and also that you are central to the stereo, as been as you are closer to the right speakers than the left then you are not centre to the stereo signal, also if you have Bose then the speakers will not get damaged at loud volumes as on normal systems. Try whacking it up to max 30, loud enough for me!!

If you are a Bass Junkie (like I used to be) then buy the normal head unit and do an ICE refit. Simple as that or if you like different types of music to Dance but want clear surround like sound then get Bose.

Also the reason you cannot change the settings that much is cause the Bose has been configured for the cabin space in question, hence the speaker layout and Bose settings will be different on each Audi model.

Any dealer that tells you that you get more Bass through Bose is talking dung.gif as usual.

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I have Bose and I love it. It's vastly better than the non-Bose Cab I tried on demo.

When I bought mine, my local dealer had a TDI cab in silver with Bose and 6-CD, and a nearby one had a pretty much identical car in Moro and Anis with heated electric seats but single CD and no Bose. In the end, the sound decided it for me so I got the former even though I would have liked heated seats; that's how much better it was.

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I have a 2000 Model A4 1.8T Sport Quattro, with Bose. Since the day I had it I have had about 6 blown speakers (all parcel shelf). Also sometimes when I turn on the CD player the display changes correctly but their is NO output. The only way to correct it is to switch the unit off / on.

Anyone else with similar problems?

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