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FS: Spyder2Pro Monitor Calibrator


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I'm looking to upgrade so am offering my Pantone Colorvision Spyder2Pro monitor calibration device (that was a mouthful).


Hardware calibration of your monitor is superior to simple software/by eye methods and the results are immediately noticeable. If you like to edit, or simply view, photographs on your PC then do yourself a favour and by one of these. You'll be amazed at the benefits it brings.

The package also includes extra software to create printer profiles. When your monitor and printer are calibrated correctly, then you will be rewarded with print-outs that actually look like the image on your screen! So in the long run, it'll actually save you money with less wasted ink & paper.

This cost me the best part of £200 a few years ago. It's since reduced in price. Some places are still asking £180, some just £120.

Don't just take my word for it, here are some links:



It's boxed (box has a few marks and one of the joins has come unglued) but everything else is in excellent condition. All the software is included. There is an update on the manufacturer's website for download, or I can burn it onto a CD for you.

I'm asking £70ono + P&P

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It works for CRT, LCD and with the latest version of the software, projectors too. Although I have no experience of the latter.


ColorVision add projector profiling to the Spyder2 Pro

The Spyder2 Pro gives good results profiling CRT Monitors and LCDs. It does a good job with laptops as well, and now ColorVision have released an update to the software that allows you to profile digital projectors. Keith has looked at this new functionality and some other changes in the software.

Taken from Northlight Images link above

Here's a link to their downloads section. There are PC and Mac versions of the software.


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