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Pirelli Edition GTI.....

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Been into the dealers today and asked about the ED30 GTI, Confirmed as STOPPED Ordering as of 1st April 08

Quotes from another forum.... Forum member.... VW Sales

The popularity of this model and the planned arrival of the Golf MK6 in early 2009,

mean 2300 examples of the Edition 30 will have been produced by the end of its life. It

was an honest mistake that the model exceeded its planned volume restriction and it

was never Volkswagen’s intention to mislead customers.

To address potential customer concerns about effects this may have on residual

values, Volkswagen has been in contact with CAP, Glass’s and Emmox. They do not

foresee an impact on resale values.

New Golf GTI Pirelli specification

The Golf GTI Pirelli has the same high specification as the outgoing Edition 30,

including six airbags, 2Zone electronic climate control, darkened rear light clusters

and body-coloured front, rear and side spoilers. The Pirelli also has the following

features which differ to those on the Edition 30:


• 18” ‘Pirelli II’ alloy wheels and 225/40 R18 Pirelli tyres.

• Tinted rear windows

• Metallic/pearl effect paint as standard


• Sports seats – outer sections in ‘Vienna’ leather; centre of seats in Alcantara

with tyre tread pattern

• Yellow stitching on steering wheel, gear knob, handbrake, seats and


• Pirelli lettering on front head restraints

• Front centre armrest with storage compartment


The GTI Pirelli will be available in the following colours:

• Reflex Silver metallic

• Diamond Black pearl

• Blue Graphite pearl

(Metallic/pearl effect is free of charge)


Options for the GTI Pirelli will be the same as for the Edition 30, except for tinted glass

and front centre armrest (which are now standard) and colours (details above).


Prices for the Golf GTI Pirelli will be the same as those for the Edition 30:

Trim Engine and bodystyle Basic RRP VAT Total RRP OTR

Pirelli 2.0 230PS 6spd Man 3dr £18,561.70 £3,248.30 £21,810.00 £22,555.00

Pirelli 2.0 230PS 6spd Man 5dr £18,987.23 £3,322.77 £22,310.00 £23,055.00

Pirelli 2.0 230PS 6spd DSG 3dr £19,693.62 £3,446.38 £23,140.00 £23,885.00

Pirelli 2.0 230PS 6spd DSG 5dr £20,119.15 £3,520.85 £23,640.00 £24,385.00


Production of the Golf GTI Pirelli will start from week 19 (5 May 2008), and the first

vehicles will arrive in the UK in June.

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The 'tyre tread' fabric is definitely chavvy in my opinion - not in keeping with VW's consrvative styling. If someone produced aftermarket seat covers in that fabric I'm confident that they would be reducd to ridicule! I'm also not sure about the yellow stitching either. I thought that the Pirelli GTI was only going to be available in Europe and in Banana yellow?

However, the wheels I like ...probably more so the current Ed 30 type.

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I'm not convinced that stopping production of the Ed30 and replacing it with the Pirelli will really be seen as that much different in a few years time. Other than the wheels (which don't look at all OEM) and the seats it's really an Ed30 with a few options.

Basically there will be 'standard' GTi's and a few flavours of special editions which were sold continuously for the last year or so of the MKV production run. The key point is they all share the 230 PS engine which is pretty much all the average person will recognise as a difference.

To my mind both special editions look a bit too much like aftermarket pimp my ride jobs and with all due respect to those who choose to go down this route I don't see the attraction myself.

Anyway what is the deal with a Pirelli special edition ... why not a Dunlop one or a Bosch one or some other obscure component of the car

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I've just had confirmation from my local dealer that i can still order and Edition 30. Conflicting reports here.....???

They probably mean they can still source you a brand new Ed 30 from the last ones in production.

You cannot place a factory order for a Ed 30 therefore you will not be able to choose the exact spec yourself, only pick from what cars are available.

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Anyway what is the deal with a Pirelli special edition ... why not a Dunlop one or a Bosch one or some other obscure component of the car

Because theres a history link.

The run out model 1983-84 , last of the mk1 golf GTIs special edition were called 'pirelli Limited edition' in europe. They were similar to the UK 'campaign' model but had colour coded wheel arches, mirrors and bumpers.


photo is of a UK campaign. (not total original a couple things missing but)

You may notice the pirelli wheels with the letters P design, the pirelli labelled centre caps and pirelli p6 tyres.

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Any dealer who tells you he can factory order a new Edition 30 ask him to check VWs "information update 9 April 2008"

Its funny but not too long ago i remember all the negative coments about another special edition GTI but when it came out the coments slowly died away and alot of them changed especially about the black wheels of the europe version.

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The pirelli version has been on the cards for a while - was there not a preview last year in a god-awful colour?

My dealer contacted me in January to say this will be available soon, as he had just seen one at vw headquarters.

Looks fine to me, just not too sure about the printed seats or dull alloys.

Just a shame vw have spoilled the party by not sticking to the 1500 they originally quoted

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I must admit I do prefer the Edition 30.

I thnk the interior looks tacky and the wheels look like a set of Fox wheels from Halfrauds.

A big dissappointment compared to the iconic status that the Mk1 achieved. I certainly don't think it will be repeated with this version.

Maybe to compensate owners of ED30 cars on the limited run "lie" they have decided to keep their residual values high by replacing it with a minger

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You're right there is always a resistance to change .

I remember when I first seen the MK5 in the flesh I really hated the Monza wheels whereas now they have grown on me. Probably because they look so easy to clean compared to my Zolders.

For the Pirelli edition I think they could have used the Monza style as a basis and redesigned the cut outs to be P shaped similar to the original ones on the MK1

I guess we will have to wait until one in the flesh to get a better idea

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It was dissapointing that VW continued their run of Edition 30's. Maybe thats why they didn't number them like the MK4 Anniversarys. I also think it will hit the residual values, check out the carsupermarkets, they're chucking them out at only 19.5K unregistered!

Nevermind, I've had my ED30 for 2 weeks now...Still miss my MKV R32 tho.

(The dealer did say that no more would be made after 1st April)

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VW must have been worried that customers would think the same as part of the document sent to the dealers about the pirelli from VW talks about it and says they have contacted the 3 big car price guide people about it and it says the responce was it would not make a difference.

I have found something i really don't like about the pirelli edition though it comes standard with rear tinted windows.

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