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RNS-E fitter - Essex???

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Would like to install RNS-E to 07 a4 with Symphony II / no DIS?

I think you do have a DIS - even if it's only the all red one between the speedo and tacho.

Do you mean you don't have the trip computer?

I you want to come to Southampton I can help you do the Symphony II to RNS-E swap.

BTW do you have a Symphony II or II+?

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I do not have DIS, have an s-line and it was not standard. Only information that appears is radio station / cd + track etc on top line, temperature on middle line and miles left in tank on bottom line. Was wondering if RNS-E info would appear on top line where radio station etc appears?? Stereo is Symphony II+ I think, the one with the large screen and no tape deck.....does this make a difference? Is there a market for selling this unit once I replace??


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I do not have DIS, have an s-line and it was not standard.

EVERY B6/B7 A4/S4/RS4 has a DIS as standard from the factory, your S-line most definitely does. In most models it's a red LCD panel, but on some it's a colour LCD panel. So you DO have a DIS, it's a red one.

As craigyb says you don't have to display the nav instructions on the DIS, and might choose not to since the red DIS has a SW "feature" which means it won't automatically display the nav instructions (you have to turn the RNS-E off and back on after starting route guidance).

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Please excuse my stupidity, but I assume you can listen to music on SD cards whilst using Sat Nav on DVD ...?

Yes you can.

But the SD cards must be SD cards and NOT SDHC cards - they won't work.

SD cards up to 2GB are all SD ones, so they're all OK.

SD cards from 8GB upwards are actually all SDHC and won't work.

The confusion is with 4GB ones, you can get both SD and SDHC ones - so you have to be very careful to get SD ones, which are getting harder to find.

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