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Excel and Word question?


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Friend of mine has a PC, which has Office 2003 on it.

However, sometime ago it started to do the following:-

Open Word and Excel fine if you click on the icons.

Opens Word and Excel really slowly (5 mins) if you double click on Doc or XLS.

Powerpoint and Outlook are fine

Now, he has un-installed Office, and re-installed it. No change.

Un-installed Office and run Win MSI clean-up wizard. Re-installed it. no change

Gone to file preferences and 'renewed' the file association. No change

Checked the intricate details of file association and opening Word/Excel - all seems correct.

Any ideas please? As he doesn't want to open Word/Excel seperately each time and then use File>Open, (understandably). Doesn't really want to scrub it and re-install Win XP again!

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Try locating and deleting the normal.dot file (all occurrences of it). It will be re-created the next time you start Word and Excel. If this file gets screwed for some reason it can cause very strange behaviour.

That is one of the first things I tried.

Had no affect.

Thanks anyway - keep'em coming!

However, once Office Pro 2003 is installed, it works fine until a reboot! After which Word and Excel will not open nicely!

Will check out Hopsta's linky. +++

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In the case of my father's laptop, mapped drives is unlikely, though it will be connected to a broadband router and there could be some sort of weird DNS issue or something going on there which might slow down Explorer.

Do Word and Excel share a normal.dot template now?

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