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I'm currently running a system of sorts consisting of a Pioneer 43" Plasma, Bose 5.1, PS3, Wii, and Sky+

The TV is nice but only has a single HDMI and no Audio.

The Bose control box is old and lacks inputs for proper 5.1

I use the PS3 for DVD/BD/Games/Photos and Music - This uses the HDMI

Sky+ is connected via Scart

I have 4 remotes for this.

What I am looking to do is.

Replace the Sky+ with Freesat HD (we don't really watch any pay channels and it cuts the monthly bills)

Replace the Bose control box but keep the speakers, use the replacement box to connect the PS3 (and get proper surround) and the Freesat and all the other boxes. I want to keep the speakers.

Dump all the controllers for a single remote

So now the questions.

1. I think the Bose uses amps in the bass unit. Will I need to replace this and use amps in the AV box or can I keep all the speakers and only get an AV controller (no amp)? Any suggestions on what I should buy and where from.

2. Universal remotes for this lot. Any suggestions? I'd like one with a macro facility so teh Mrs can press dvd or TV or music and just use it.

3. Finally I'd like to eventually plumb this in, wall mount the TV and maybe hide the boxes to one side the room rather than under the tv. Mainly to give us more room.



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Not sure on the BOSE bit, I'd say sell it and start again to be honest.

Sony do a good stealth system thats not too much thats got very small fronts and wireless rear speakers, not the last work in sonic excellence but not bad. Up the money and you could get some Kef KHT's these aren't too much...

KEF KHT1005.2 HOME CINEMA SPEAKER SYSTEM - available from Superfi UK Visit http://www.superfi.co.uk/index.cfm/page/moreinfo.cfm/product_id/3942 for details

On the other side you need a new amp that will take all of your sources and allow you to just have one connection into the TV. I've done the same and its great now, PS3, SkyHD and an upscaling HDMI player all into the amp and a single HDMI connection to the TV.

What amp you should get depends on the money you want to spend. I went Onkyo and couldn't recommend them enough. They are about to launch a new range that even on the £250 base model allows for 3 HDMI inputs, top models get 5!! and 2 output.

At the £400 mark this is a good buy and a current model. ONKYO TXSR606 HOME CINEMA RECEIVER - available from Superfi UK Visit http://www.superfi.co.uk/index.cfm/page/moreinfo.cfm/product_id/4128 for details

As for mounting, if you get the above you can mount the TV where you like and just bury the cable in the wall to the amp and put all the other components close to that. +++

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for the remote bit its a tricky one. no one currently makes a decent (in my opinion) remote with real buttons and coloured buttons etc for sky plus.

i've had pronto 9400, nevo q50 etc... currently the remote we use the most is the harmony one. if it had coloured buttons it'd be perfect. much nicer to hold than pronto or nevo, the backlight on keys is great and its easy to setup.

will work fine with all your toys.

i use an ir2bt dongle with PS3, but you can use any IR remote with dongle and then throw the remote away and use it with the harmony.

touch screen remotes tend to be crap to use if you use SKYHD or some other PVR as your main viewing habit, as most people tend to ffwd through adverts etc.

not a fan of onkyos myself. new sony AVs have great features for cash, as do the denons. 606 cant handle the power when very loud IMO but all subjective. i think any modern AV at 400+ will do you fine.

definitely dump the bose speakers though. you can change the ohm setting on most receivers so you can use the bose speakers, but its like having a V8 engine feeding power to bicycle wheels IMO.

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