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Tyre replacement query


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So some of you may have seen the issue with my alloy kerbing in the other "it happened" thread.

Booked it into Audi so they can sort it out + sort out lumbar support dead and condensation in clusters

They turned back to say front tyres have gone too and are at 3mm

Annoying this is I only bought the car in Feb with 7mm on it where the car had done 7000 miles...its now done 10,000 with 4mm burnt of it!

So, is this normal for an A6 Le Mans 2008 FWD?

If so, what would you recommend I do ... change like for like (pirelli 255/35/19) or change make and leave the rear ones which are still at 7mm roughly and are pirelli

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Depends upon how you drive. However, I'd leave the rear ones in situ.

Pirelli are usually of a softer compound so wear quicker, but give more grip.

Some one on here will be able to recommend a good compromise make - Vredestein, Goodyear Assyms..........but that price is way too high. Have a look at Black Cirlces, My Tyres, even Costco, Formula 1, and other local places.

You should be able to get them cheaper than that.

Audi might even price match.

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Thanks for the replies...

Looked around and got some nice prices - two guys have advised on the new Goodyear ones - one of them being a car-head and another a tyre fitter/seller ...the latter @ £400 for the pair fitted

That would mean the rears remain pirelli's

Is this advisable or should I stick with the same all-around? Def cant afford changing all 4 though because we are looking at around 800-1000

If it is ok to have different tyres but still in pairs, then I will go the Goodyear Ass. route if they are good/recommended over the pirellis

Thanks for your advice so far!

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