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It's a nice day for a, great detail....


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Spent the weekend up in the beautiful Highlands, and after clocking up nigh on 500 miles, my car was fully deserved of it's weekly detail. The process was:

1. Full interior detail.

2. Front wheel arches sprayed with APC and left to dwell.

3. Alloys and arches jet-washed then cleaned with Bilberry and AG brush.

4. Car body snow foamed and left to dwell for 8 minutes.

5. Jet-washed.

6. Washed.

7. Rinsed with jetwash.

8. Clayed with Megs clay kit.

9. Rinsed with jetwash.

10. Washed.

11. Rinsed with jetwash.

12. Klasse All-in-one applied with CCS white foam applicator (thanks for the tip, Geoff; the perfect applicator!).

13. Buffed with Dodo Juice MF towel.

14. Megs 21 sealant applied with CCS red foam applicator.

15. Buffed with Dodo Juice MF towel.

16. Colli 467s applied with CCS red foam applicator.

17. 2 x coats of Colli 467 to alloys.

18. Black WOW to black trim behind wing mirrors, front honeycomb grill and windscreen drip tray.

19. Tyres dressed with Megs tyre dressing.

20. Stood back and admired my 6 hour detail-fest :grin:

Here's the photos:






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Looks greats! Yup the sun came out here in the afternoon too! Im glad the CSS apps worked out for you. They should really help with the 476s which i know some people get on to thick and can get holograms!

The blackness of Black WOW in the third photo and the reflective look of the paintwork and mirror look awesome!


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Thanks chaps +++ The pictures don't do it justice really. It's easy to over-apply the 467. I had started on the roof, nipped to the loo and then got caught up playing with the dog for a wee while, came back to the car and the 467 had dried. I had definately over-applied it, as it was difficult to remove the excess and it was powdery, so learnt my lesson! Hasn't left any hologramming that I've noticed. If it has, the paint correction at the end of May will sort that out, I guess :)

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Looks great. A heroic effort - tell me that when you say "its weekly detail" you don't do that lot every week? :eek:

No, the above gets done every 3-4 months depending on how the water beads on the paintwork. I, like most in this section of the forum, do the weekly maintenance interior spruce-up, wash and quick detailer routine +++

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