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Ron Dennis quits...


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Ha ! Beat Cruiser to the story !

BBC SPORT | Motorsport | Formula 1 | McLaren's Dennis quits Formula 1

I reckon this was planned, part of a staged handover to Whitmarsh, hope they can raise their game for the rest of the season though ...

Conspiracy! You and Mook trying to force me out?

Anyway, back on topic:-

But BBC sports news correspondent Andy Swiss reported: "There has been speculation about Ron's reasons for leaving and I asked him whether he knew about Ryan's and Hamilton's decision to mislead stewards. He said he didn't know anything.

"I then asked whether he was leaving F1 to improve McLaren's chances at the hearing and he said 'no'.

The things these bods ask, say and then print. :roflmao: As if he'd admit to knowing about misleading the stewards! - Even if he did know!

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