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Poss VW Racing mods to my Gti DSG


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Hi Folks hope your all ticketeeboo and I would be interested in your thoughts -

My Gti MK 5 200 DSG - is just about 2 and a half years old - 23K on the clock - I't's been bluefined and I am now considering some other changes -

I see VW Racing upgrades are avail - I spoke to a gent at VWRacing today who was very helpful.

The 3 upgrades I am thinking about are

1) Stage 2 power upgrade - essentially a new full exhaust system - this I understand is a is a MILLTEK exhaust excusively made for VW - different to other Millteks + discounted blue fin reprog - this will increase my power from arround 240 to 268

Golf Mk5 Exhaust System

2) A "fast track / road suspension kit "

Golf Mk5 Suspension Fast Road/Track

3) A "Limited slip differential fast road "

Golf Mk5 LSD Road

The car will be used on roads - daily commute + Scottish B roads + some motorways.

When I got the car it was "fully loaded" and I figure that with these upgrades I would have a "new" Gti better than the new MK 6 Gti in many ways. It would also cost alot less than a new Gti. Insurance is a consideration I already pay arround £100 extra a year on my insurance premium for my "+25%" chip/power upgrade. These upgrades I guess will increase my premium again

Any thoughts of other Tyresmokers would be appreciated

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Hi Spider!

1) - Yes, Milltek are one of the VW Race Cup sponsors and produce an exhaust specifically for VWR. I have a pre-production Milly on mine currently and can recommend their new ceramic black satin tips for easy maintenance. Superchips are also a sponsor - Hence the Bluefin.

2) - I have VWR's KW-V3's. VWR have a technical partnership with KW Germany and are able to order what they want. A professionally set up and corner weighted suspension makes all the difference.

3) - Well, those who have the Quaife tend to say it's the best mod of all! I've got the Fast Road version and together with the suspension, it transforms the GTI's handling and gives great confidence. I would describe it as feeling hard but not harsh.

The trouble is that it's a slippery slope and you'll then be thinking about extra braking power. Then there's *cough* engine mounts *cough* and on it goes!

The overall result of such mods is that the GTI becomes a much more tactile and taut car to drive - More fun! You'll never get your money back but you get such enjoyment.

Here's a recent pic of my car at the Nurburgring to show its stance - I was very glad of the diff on several occasions and especially when it started raining! : -


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