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Service and repairs Birmingham?


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Can anyone recommend a decent place to have my front brakes and pads replaced in Birmingham? I know there is a good place in Burton, but it's 80 mile round trip and I just don't have the time - I don't really want to use the main dealer for something like pads and disks.

Many thanks.

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Matt, for pads & disks you could probably do the job yourself. But i understand if you're a little hesitant.

AVP was my first thought as soon as I read the title of your post, trust me when I say it'd be worth the trip, as Ben would sort you out in no time at all +++

Plus, don't forget that if you're a member of the A8OC you'll get 15% discount on parts & labour too :D

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Hi Guys,

Had an a8 for 4 years now and ive been through them all. By far the best is Conrads in Acocks Green. Jamie Conrad has my complete confidence. Last year he persevered with a fuel pump problem i had where others were just pulling opinions out of the air. Even audi were stumped. Jamie got me back on the road. Honest as the day is long.


Station rd

Acocks Green


0121 706 0053

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