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R8 facelift PH review


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That picture is why I hardly ever go to car meets, middle aged blokes in jeans staring at a car, no ta.

I, similarly, tend to avoid such events these days. I sometimes do the AutoMoto Italia in Bristol, but probably won't this year, as the 75 is still dented. I could take the Duke, though.

Anyway... worse than the 'middle aged blokes standing around a car park looking at cars' - I've been invited to a BMW bike 'weekend'. Can you just imagine how beardy and anoraky that will be!?

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I usually don't ;)

Bugger, I was going to respond with a picture I used to have of you standing in your office wearing a shirt tucked into jeans, but I've lost it, there was also a picture on the same company website of the building with your MX5 in full Scumball livery too.


Edit: the pic with your car is still on the website, but not the one of you. -


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