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mysql help anyone?


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I'm trying to convert an old phpbb2 forum to phpbb3. With not having access to the server, I just took a sql backup - structure and data - and downloaded it via the ACP. It's about 355MB.

I've installed a version oh phpbb2 and fresh phpbb3 on my NAS. Managed to use bigdump to restore the sql backup into the v2 and it works fine. Now i'm trying to convert that using the built in converter on phpbb3.

I managed to fix all the 'colliding' user problems last night and things were going ok, problem i'm getting now is, part way through the process, step 17/28, where it start to fill the posts table, i get an Error writing '/tmp (Errcode 28) [3] icon_scratch.gif

Googling about, this seems to refer to a lack of space on in the tmpdir? Thing is, i have no idea where that should exist? If mysql just find C:\Windows\Temp then there's 85GB free, if it's doing it somewherre on the NAS, i have 1.36TB free space. icon_e_confused.gif

The error message looks like it's trying to take data from two tables in phpbb2 the phpbb_posts and phpbb_posts_text tables and combine them in a temp table to then (i guess) populate into phpbb_posts in the new database?

Is there anything i'm missing out here? Could it be database user related? Please bear in mind, i've only been Flipping about with this for two evenings from scratch so on a tech savvy level of databases ------------>

..I'm roughly about here. icon_redface.gificon_lol.gif

Any advice much appreciated. upyeah.gif

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