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A little help please


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Im picking up a A4 cabrio tomorrow, its a 07 2.0 Tdi S-line with multi tronic gearbox

Within the glove box where the multi cd player is in my old A4 is a connection box that looks like it may be for an ipod, would that be right ? and would I need a lead for this ?

Also i found in the centre arm rest is another unit that looks like it should connect to something, (A lot of little brass dots) is this for a phone and can any phone be connected through this ie is there a cradle for an iphone

Many Thanks for your help

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This should help regarding the cradle: http://www.audi.com/etc/medialib/ngw/product/technology/mobile_phone_integration.Par.0012.File.pdf/2012_05_21_phone_adapter.pdf

I've not bother with the cradle on my B8. It would charge my phone and enable better reception by using the external aerial but I couldn't be bothered spending more money or taking it out of my pocket each time. If I want to charge it then I just plug it in to me cigarette lighter/USB adaptor.

Not sure about the connection box. It could be anything if it's retro fit?

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