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3 days in Monte Carlo


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Off to Monaco in February and would appreciate some tips on what is a must and also what to avoid. I've not been there since I was a kid so have no idea!  


I love finding little places off the beaten track so any nice little restaurants or places with an interesting story would be great.


Quite fancy taking a hire car for a day and buzzing along some of the rally stages - any tips from those of you that have visited a lot would be appreciated  +++

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You can easily spend a day strolling around Monaco and taking it all in. Casino Square is now seemingly rammed with cafe and boutiques.

Drive around the F1 route of course.

Drive along coast route (lovely scenery) or even the train?

I have only ever been twice for a day at a time, last time July 2012 with the wufe/kids.

it is supercar pron nirvana +++

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I can help with this. MotorPunk has done lots of adventures in/around Monaco.


Do you have your hotel booked? The Columbus is pretty cool (Coulthards old place) and not crazy expensive. It's next to the heliport. It's about €110 for a one way hele-taxi from Nice airport to Monaco and worth every cent for the experience. A lap of the F1 circuit is fun but be warned, there are cops EVERYWHERE. Ask me how I know this :( Don't forget to drive/walk up to the palace on top of the hill, the views are awesome. Only local registered cars are allowed up there though (Nice or Monaco plates IIRC). The guide books say visit 'bars and stars' but it's a grim burger joint where footballers sometimes go. Not cool. There's a great row of restaurants on the beach right next to Nice airport (to the West of the airport, next to the river) with nice food and a lvoely view.


A quick blast down the coast to San Remo is good, that's a nice place for a morning, or drive the Col de Turini rally stage which is just outside Monaco. There's a Cafe at the top with some nice memorabilia. If you want to go an hour or two further then the Col de Cayolle is the best driving road I've been on in years and the Col de la Bonnette is the highest road in Europe, there's a ruined Napoleonic fort up there too.


I could waffle for ages here. Feel free to drop me a line if you need any ideas. I recall you kindly helped me with some Villa advice some years ago, it's the leat I can do +++


ETA - Nothing handles like a rental. :)

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