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Golf MK6 1.6TDI S - Head unit and General


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Wonder if some experts can answer two hopefully quick questions...?


Just bought a used Golf MK6 1.6TDi S 4 years old with 19k on it to replace previous car as I am doing nearly 30k miles a year and needed cheaper fuel etc. Bought from a VW dealer.


1) Are these generally reliable? anything to watch out for?


2) Being S spec it has barely anything in it which isn't a general problem but am probably going to need bluetooth for my phone and would like DAB and Sat Nav if possible. I thought about the VW unit RNS-510 but dealer said they were £2k! Then saw the Kenwood DNX521DAB and this looks to have everything I want and more, would this work as I don't have the steering controls etc is there any as good under £1K or is that a stupid question?


Any other thoughts on the car or possible upgrade are very welcome!


Many thanks

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Thanks DaveP looks a good unit but was hoping to get sat nav too as was thinking if I am going to replace the head unit then I want to try and get everything in one,

Thanks Shao_khan. I would love to retro fit the steering wheel and other stuff but the budget won't stretch that far, the stereo will be a stretch anyway and would like cruise control if I can too.

Sod's law after collecting the car I have been told I can have a lease car through the company I work for, now I am undecided as to whether it is best to keep the Golf and do the stereo etc or get a lease car? Any thoughts?

I think I would get approx £300 per month if I kept the golf.

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