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Torino.... I've actually christened the car the Elastic Band. Whenever I put my foot down it feels like it's been catapulted with an elastic band.

Faster than the R32?? Without a shadow of a doubt to the point of being scary for me

Faye, there's nothing wrong with driving like a girl...well maybe not like yourself. I don't even know what gear its in anyway. Just put it in drive and go. Non of that paddle stuff for me. Probably only used it twice in the R32 since having it. It just says 'D' whereas in the R it shows whatever gear its in

Pincher...wash your mouth out

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Now to give the R32 and send a bottle of grey goose to Max. :P  :grin:


Tony, I knew you would see sense and reward me appropriately for brokering the deal for you :grin:  :grin:


It was good to meet you and I'm glad you're enjoying the car and just in case you're unsure, there are actually 8 gears in that autobox :eclipse:  +++

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