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R32 collection list


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Everybody knows now my time is coming.... laugh.gif

Here is a small checklist of things i will check when i collect the car or during the first week of driving, is there anything ive missed off.

1. Freebies - Umbrella, Keyring, Pen = Rang today and they have been ordered, they will be personally be delivered to my home by the salesman smile.gif

2. EPC + ESP Lights - Rang today and the salesman will let the technie know to upgrade firmware to latest spec (version 4)

3. Check that the engine sump guard has been fitted on PDI - Rang today and told salesman to check

4. Check paint work and interior for abnormal marks or damage

5. Make sure all paperwork is in order

6. Make sure i have some spare oil and tank of fuel

7. Make sure ive got all items, i.e. mats, tools etc

8. Make sure ive got the headlight protectors and the locking codes done, will check during first week

Have i missed anything?


Riz jump.gif woooohooooo

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The pen should in the leather bound user guides. The umbrella and keyring set will be sent direct to your home from VW at MK.

Also if your having the Sat Nav, make sure you've got the disc for it and the users guides as these are not in the leather user guide folder.

Also some dealers may not supply the top up oil, as and get this, some "mongs" have complained that a carton of oil was left in the boot!!!!

Also it has leaked in some cars as the tops have not been put back on properly.....so I think it's down to the dealers discretion. frown.gif

I've asked mine for this, we'll see on Monday, I know I'm not getting a full tank of gogo juice (not impressed) but I will take that up with them on Monday. znaika.gif

The mats have been fitted and the Vag-Coms i asked for have been installed and work, auto-locking occurs at 9.4 mph. The alarm arming beeps don't sound too bad.

The car has been de-locked and the old locked boxed and left in the car. My number plates have been stuck on as I didn't want them screwed on just in case the plate gets put on wonky.... fekr.gif

Undertray was still to be fitted. Pen was still in the user guides, but will check again on Monday. Headlight proptectors were also in place.

Urmmm I think that nearly covers it, but I will print this off on Sunday evening ready for Monday as Riz's checklist is very similar to mine...LOL... beerchug.gif

Oh checked the paintwork and all is okay, no runs or anything, but that was Friday so will get my fine tooth comb out ready for Monday.... ices_blah.gif

Well only two more sleeps... jump.gifnotworthy.gif

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Just remembered some other stuff (from my own experience)

- Check the tool kit in the boot is complete and that you have the little wire hook for removing the caps on the wheel studs.

- If you have the Delta stereo make sure that the correct book is in the pack (and the code) with the other guides.

- You should get two keys and a plastic key number tab (VW no longer supply the plastic emergency key).

Roll-on Monday grin.gif

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Do you have a digi camera? If so can you take a picture of the boot space and tell us what we should have in there?

If not could you list it? (if possible of course..... cool.gif)

Thanks in advance

[/ QUOTE ]

You should get:


wheel brace

Bottle of tyre moose gunge

mini compressor

10/13mm spanner


screw in tow hook

key thing for the locking wheels nuts

wire hook for the caps that cover the wheel nuts

And if you don't have any already, pop into Halfords and get yourself a set of McGard 28018 locking wheel nuts as the VW ones are sh1te

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Have a great 1st day with the car lads. I just finished my second day and have 400km on the car so far. Just cant get enough of it you guys are going to love it. May I suggest doing the exhaust mod as soon as you get around the corner from the delaers it really is that easy and makes it sound oh so nice.

Anyway Enjoy delivery day I sure did.

Cheers Alastair

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Get them to delock the drivers door

[/ QUOTE ] Mmmm i have ordered the kit from the vw forum.... will get them to fit its cheap smirk.gif

Riz beerchug.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

My dealer did the delock for free when I bought the car Riz, although admittedly, I did have to drive 250 miles to get to the dealership smile.gif So it cost me more than that in petrol and an overnight stay in a hotel for the family!

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