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Nearly 2 years of a pandemic, how is everyone?


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So how are we all managing?

I’m happy to say that no close relatives have passed away but it hasn’t been easy. 

We kicked it all off last year with 3 months at home in the high risk group. My son had been incorrectly put in the high risk group after a trip to hospital with breathing issues the year before. OMFG not being able to go out for a walk, shopping or anything for 3 months was f-ing tough. This was not an easy time mentally or physically. 

Fast forward over a year things are pretty much back to normal expect that I still haven’t returned to work. Would love to get back in and see more people and interact. The wife is able to do it by my employer is a big corp that is somewhat scared of its shadow. 

Hope everyone else is ok, let us know how you have got on with things. 

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3 months in...blimey that sounds tough!

I thought everyone was allowed out for a walk with family members etc. Didn't realise you were literally house bound in high risk group. 

I had to go the docs over something else and she said there is an absolute mental health epedemic caused by lockdown. 

Especially difficult for people who live alone....but maybe worse for those who hate their housemates :roflmao:

At one stage I was thinking of offering free accomodation to any hairdresser. 

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Ha ha

Yeah easy to forget a year ago but the letter even said don’t go within 1m of the boundary of the property the lot. In April 2020 not much was know, so the advice was super safe. It was a mega tough time. In the end we did start to go out for late evening walks with the kids, remember the time people crossed the roads to avoid other people, yep then. 

Then guess what, things lifted and any idea who caught it? Yeah that’s right my bloody son, couldn’t make it up.:roflmao: He was hot for 24hrs then fine with no other symptoms but did get a positive PCR. We did get a letter saying all was fine and just follow normal rules and a bit of an opps probably wasn’t a risk but they just didn’t know then. 

As for hair, year that was when hair trimmers went through the roof! :blink:


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The Govt have given up here with lockdowns imo. 

People generally don't follow them and if they do another one, I reckon it will be completely ignored. 

We have tried to follow them properly (neither caught it yet) but I know lots of people who have had it now (my business partner was bad even with 2 jabs)......and even more people who just bent the rules to suit their own circumstances. 

The Brits are a rebellious lot..... there's a reason Punk Rock was invented here!

I likened 'bending the rules' to driving home from the pub while over the drink drive limit.....You probably won't kill anyone, or yourself, and likely won't get caught. But if everyone in the country does it, its carnage!

We did fine......fortunate with a large house/garden (for 2). Surrounded by countryside (hoardes of 'local' people suddenly appearing in the area for walks!?). We both worked from home mostly already, so had a decent home office setup. And turned garage into a gym, which is now much better than going the actual gym. Very fortunate. 

Made some really useful purchases:

bean to cup coffee machine / Sparkling water maker / Crock Pot Express / Electric garage door (insulated) / Gym projector /  Sonos Roam. 

Can't wait to go abroad though. Really missed that. Intending a foreign trip in New Year. 👍

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Neither of has had it, double jabbed daughter and son-in-law in Doncaster had it last month together with the 3 grandchildren one of whom brought it from school.  None of them were bad and said it was just like a cold and sore throat but only lasted a few days.  We spent the lockdown having our tiny house extended downstairs and it's now a third larger but the garden is now somewhat smaller as I have an enormous shed/workshop too, it now takes all of 2 mins to cut the grass.  New car is about to arrive at the dealer any day after being delayed since mid August due to the absence of vital chips.

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I'd personally like the No. of cases in the UK to drop a fair bit they seem crazy high considering our size. There is some thought that it might mean we can cope more than other countries in the future but death rates are still high. 

Listening today about smart motoroways and the deaths people are rightly up in arms, but its 1700 total deaths a year, with Covid its over 1000 deaths in the last 7 days and we all accept is as just 'one of those things' just doesn't make sense in my small head.

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